New Book by
Trudy Harris

More true stories of the tender beauty of life's end

There is more to death than simply ceasing to live. In Glimpses of Heaven, retired hospice nurse Trudy Harris offered an intimate look at the final days and moments of terminally ill and dying people. Now she shares more of her stories and also stories from other medical and hospice professionals, allowing the veil to be drawn back on God's handiwork, while we are both living and dying. If you have lost a loved one, are facing a terminal illness, or are simply curious about what happens when we pass from life to death, More Glimpses of Heaven offers you an even deeper insight into God's plan for our lives every day.

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Bestselling Glimpses of Heaven

Trudy Harris guides you through true stories of hope and peace at the end of life's journey. With heightened senses and awareness, these patients often begin to see and hear with spiritual eyes and ears. Tender, heartbreaking, and eye-opening, Glimpses of Heaven will help you gain a new appreciation for the peace and comfort that arrive as dying patients move toward the hope of life after death.