"As I read this book, I cried, I laughed, and I thought of my own mortality. What wonderful stories Trudy has given us, and what a wonderful gift to those who will read this book."
— Bob Losure, former CNN Headline News anchor

"Trudy Harris has done a masterful job of presenting stories of experiences with the end of life that illustrate the fact that just as there is a divine plan for our entry into this world, God has planned for our exit. Her work has enabled others to see that the end of our lives can be a time of reconciliation, peace, and satisfaction."
— Susan Ponder-Stansel, president and CEO, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

"I only wish I had read Glimpses of Heaven and now More Glimpses of Heaven early in my training as a physician. I think most physicians are unaware that these incredible and beautiful experiences are taking place in our patients' lives after they walk out of our office for the last time. The awareness that such experiences were happening would have enhanced my ability to provide more reassurance and spiritual comfort to my patients."
— Kelley Ann Trent, MD, medical oncologist

"A remarkable collection of inspiring stories. Hope, love, comfort, and peace fill each page. I hope people everywhere will have the opportunity to read this book."
— John W. Logue, director, Spirituality Center, St. Vincent's Spirituality Center, Jacksonville, Florida

"These stories have the power to touch and move us, to deepen our most cherished values of love, care, and compassion, and to strengthen the spiritual anchor of our lives."
— Paul Brenner, MDiv; CEO of hospice programs in Florida, Maryland, and New York City; consultant for the Healing Project, San Francisco